Monday, February 11

9 Weeks Left

In the process of trying to get pregnant, I always thought to myself how is that some people can get pregnant right away and others it just takes (or seems to take) forever? How is that the women who don't even take care of their kids, abuse them or abandon them are blessed with the gift of carrying a child? We were finally blessed on August 10, 2012 with a positive test and it made the almost 9 months of frustration well worth it!
Justin carried the first test around the entire weekend we found out we were pregnant so I decided to take two more in case he lost it

So for the next three days we were in a whirlwind of telling family and friends. Even though we were only about 4-5 weeks pregnant, we wanted everyone to know how happy and excited we were! Here I am about thirty minutes after we found out visiting our friends Val & Steve at the hospital where she had her little girl the night before. We also, of course, told them our great news while we were there.
Miss Amity Grace born August 9, 2012

My Mom is the only parent that lives in town so she was actually the last to know. We went to dinner under the presumption that it was Justin's birthday dinner and we presented her with a gift. We got her an I Love My Grandma bib and though there was a bit of confusion at first, she was beyond excited!

Our first ultrasound when I was 8 weeks was so much more than confirming my pregnancy. It was a miracle just to see our little 'peanut' and hear the strong heartbeat. We were both in awe the whole time and stared at the pictures the doctor printed for us for what felt like hours.
Our 'coming out' photo

And even a short 5 weeks later when we got a sneak peak that 'peanut' is a BOY!! Then the confirmation of that 7 weeks later.
Hey Mom & Dad!

Now at 31 weeks, I look forward to every doctor's appointment where we get to hear Jamison's heartbeat - it amazes me every time.
I love the feeling of him growing inside me and though at times it feels like he's running out of room and those little movements are more like jabs - it's the best feeling in the world. He still gives me fist bumps and sometimes when J talks to him he really gets moving. It's like my entire stomach is a huge wave pool.
I love singing to him while I'm in the car and then admitting to him that although Mommy can't hold a tune, his Daddy can and will teach him to be a rock star like he is.
I love the most the bond that Daddy and him are going to have. We will have that too but they'll have the guy stuff....the going to Lowe's w/Dad and working in his wood shop (aka our garage) and the fishing and camping trips they'll take. The Daddy/Son bond that although Mommy is their whole world, they have their manly outlet too.
I look forward to seeing the kind of man Jamison will grow up to be and can only hope he has the heart and generosity like his Daddy.
I feel like this new chapter we're about to start is going to be the best yet and I can't wait!!
Christmas Card Photo at 15 weeks
16 weeks
Going into my 19th week

21 weeks

Christmas at my Mom's - 23 weeks

Baby Moon trip to NYC - 24 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks

Almost 29 weeks

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