Tuesday, August 20

Unresolved Conflict

There comes a time in your life when you're faced with unforeseen changes.  Changes that could potentially alter the path you're on and cause conflicts from all ends.  Conflicts that make me uncomfortable but happen and need to be addressed.  

I hate conflict - always have and even more so when it's unresolved.  I hate to know that I've disappointed someone.  I hate that I've been hurt.  And I hate the feeling - that squeezing in the pit of your stomach, that pull on your heart and just the overwhelming sadness.

I know in time everything will work itself out.  I only hope that by that time it won't be too late.  

For now, I can smile and be happy for what I do still have.  I know I'm blessed and as long as I know that for certain, nothing can be bring me down.

Missing this guy terribly already (hurry up Friday!)

And wishing I could just wake this one up with a thousand kisses and hugs!


  1. I was just thinking about you the other day, I hadn't seen much from you on the blog and was missing sweet J on Instagram :) I hope whatever it is you're going through resolves itself quickly!! xxoo

  2. Thanks girl! And don't worry - I'll be blowing up IG soon w/little man :)

  3. I hope all is well and that everything is working itself out.