Tuesday, May 6


It goes by too fast.  Are we all really stopping to enjoy it?  To live in the moment with the ones we love, to have no regrets about the past and nothing but optimism for the future.
There seems to have been a lot of tragedy over the past year and a half both personally, professionally and amongst people I don't even know but whom I cry for sometimes on a weekly basis. 
There has been sickness, surgeries, infertility, troubled times, children who will never know their parent and parents who have to bury their only child way too soon.  Spouses who you would think could conquer the world but in one short moment are gone.  Friends who you've had the best of times with, gone in an instant.  Family that you look up to, gone before you even have a chance to say goodbye. 
Those that are gone, we will all meet again, I know this for sure.  And I will always continue to pray for the people in my life, and those unknown, that are going through difficult times. 
So for today, I'm going to live for just that....TODAY.  And I'm going to hug my husband and baby (I refuse to call him a toddler yet) a little tighter. 

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