Monday, June 23

Life Lately

We have been so crazy busy the past few months I can hardly see straight.  It brings me back to the times pre-Jamison when we were out of town every weekend and just on the go. 

From the end of April until the middle of August we have plans and I know it's driving J nuts!  He's a very go with the flow, fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy.  So, sorry honey - just a few more months of craziness :)

We've had fun though!

J played in a Memorial Golf Tournament for our good friend Jackson who passed away last year.  We all went out that night and collected money to send to the Boy Scouts of America in honor of Jackson.  We raised $293!  Each year we're going to try and come up with a new charity/organization to give to.  We chose the Boy Scouts this year because Jackson was an Eagle Scout and that organization was pretty near and dear to his heart.

We went to quite a few crawfish boils.  I don't really like crawfish - way too much work for not a lot of food.  It's good though and I try to be a team player since J is all about those little crawdads!

Wedding season is definitely here and we got to celebrate a friend of ours at their beautiful wedding in Louisiana.  They got married on a Vineyard and the scenery was just gorgeous.  I love weddings and although I absolutely LOVED our wedding, I would do it again every year because of how much fun I had :)

I hosted a Bachelorette Party at my house.  Those are always fun!  We had a wonderful few hours at the spa, dinner and lingerie party at my house then we went out dancing.  It's been a long time since I stayed up that late but seeing how happy my girl was, totally worth it!  A few weeks later, I hosted her Bridal Shower.  And in 4 short days she'll be married - yay!!
Have you ever been on a party bus?  I have, but nothing quite like the one I went on for a girlfriends birthday.  It.Was.Awesome.  Always a fun time with this group and I'm so glad we busted out the celebrity masks - Katy Perry was my girl that night.

AND, George Strait.  Amazing!!  Best concert I've ever been to.  And he's so darn handsome too!

Little Man started swim lessons a few weeks ago and it was sort of a disaster.  He did a lot better the next time when J was in the water with him.  He has 3 more classes left and I'm hoping the crying will be at the bare minimum for those :)

And just for fun, here are some pictures of my most favorite littlest guy and big guy!  We're missing him big time this week.  He's staying with my sister-in-law until Wednesday and is having the best time.  Tonight is a sleepover with his BB and cousins.  Memories to be made for sure :)
Happy Monday!

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