Sunday, August 24

A Little Brighter...

Life has been a little rough the past few weeks for us.  But this guy right here - can make those sad days turn a little brighter. 

He is becoming a little guy right before our eyes and I'm still amazed everyday at what he's learning.

He's repeating words and it actually sounds like what he's meaning it to sound like.  He still babbles like crazy and I can't wait to hear everything else that he says to us on a daily basis. You can see his little mind running sometimes too.  He will look at a toy for a long time like he has a decision to make about it.  And he always ends his "thought" with a sly little smile.

One look at this kid and that smile forms and whatever happened that day is forgotten. Is it natural to love someone so much it hurts? Because that's what it feels like at times. I can't imagine walking this Earth without  him and though I loved our life before him, I've realized that it has really just begun.

It's not all rainbows and unicorns though.  That dreaded whiney stage has begun.  Or let's just say it's been around for about a month or so.  He's getting better and we're getting better at handling it.  He definitely gave us a good run when it first started.  Poking my eyeballs out may or may not have crossed my mind at that time.  But you know, he's learning his voice; he's testing his limits; he knows what makes Momma & Dada sad.  He's a smart boy and knows what he's doing and always finds that way to make it better :)

He is the sweetest though and it's going by too fast.  I look at him and am just in awe on how J and I made this little human.  He's the perfect mixture of us (okay, more J than me).  His personality is so quirky and funny and there is just a light always surrounding him and it's pure happiness.
Ramblings it's time for a picture overload :)



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