Tuesday, April 28


April 5, 2015 - How is it even possible that my little man is two??  I still find myself calling him the baby because I refused to call him a toddler.  But that time has definitely come. 

The past year has been a whirlwind of fun and just experiencing life through his eyes is truly amazing.

He gets excited over everything!
- Momma & Daddy
- Coco
- The Hot Dog Song
- FOOD (that will never change)
- pretty much just life in general

He went through a lot of phases.  Some that I thought we would never get through. N-O was a big one.  The kid refused to ever say yes until just a few months ago. So it was "no" for everything. And he didn't say it nicely either. I had to ask God for patience everyday with that one. 

He is quite the talker. Oh my stars can this kid talk. We still don't understand half of what he says but when we do, it's just the sweetest. He says please.  That in itself is awesome. If he needs help or wants something he always says please. And when we tell him to do something, he does a drawn out "Ooookay."  Or nods his head yes ma'am. And now that he can finally say yes, it's always a very loud and enthusiastic "YES!"  My favorite thing right now is when he asks "you okay?"  If we cough, sneeze, cry or even say ow - this is his question. And he will keep asking until you say you're okay. I love hearing his little voice.
He is very particular. His toys need to be in the right spot, colors all together, and blocks stacked straight on top of each other. I've never seen a kid with as much concentration as him. He can also be destructive, but that's a given. 

He is learning to pray. Daddy taught him to kneel, clasp his hands and say his prayers at night. My heart completey melted the first time I saw this.  We've also been reading him a book called Prayers for Boys that he absolutely loves.

I could go on forever about him.  He has made our lives so much brighter. He makes us smile and laugh everyday. He knows just the right moments to give you a big ole hug or simply just laugh,  He has such a kindness about him that I hope he can pass down to his sisters. He's going to be the best big brother. He already is the best son we could ever ask for.
We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean buddy!

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